Sunday, August 31, 2014

When I went to Freak Show I was feeling sooooo carny!  I found this cool background and thought I would make a little graphic to fit my vibe.  

It's always a fun time when I team up with Gangrel.  Long live the vampires of wrestling. Stay tuned for more pics and videos from Freak Show in Vegas.  Make sure to subscribe to my site so you don't miss an update!


  1. Hey Shelly, I hope your doing good, you must be pre-occupied because you've only responded to me once but God is putting it on my heart to warn you of your path, probably because I was on a similar one and I am just recently getting back on track. As cool as you two are I'm not saying your evil or nothing but you must see the Devil hand sign being thrown up, I care to much and I have to show you and everyone else who is willing to listen. I pray you harken to my warning and know that both Jesus and I love you for you and you and I are honestly better then anything we could imagine because God made us. Unlock your potential that is beyond this world.
    Anton Lavey, Founder of the church of satan, exposed it all, and on his deathbed repented and begged God to forgive him. Do as you will, but I'm hoping my efforts to show you God's love and caring for your best interests are not in vain. God bless you and take care, Pray to Jesus Christ, he wants to tell you something. <3

  2. I am doing God's work. I'm not the one throwing up the sign. You see, God places me in unorthodox places to send His Love to those who need it the most. Peace be with you.